3D Wall & Ceiling Panels Romby White Maximize

3D Wall & Ceiling Panels Romby White

- Panel size : 500 x 500 mm
- Material : 5 mm thick polystyrene foam
- Easy to assemble using acrylic mounting adhesive
- After installation panels should be painted

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The panels 3D are made of high-quality polystyrene foam.The Panels 3D give an extra dimension to your walls or ceiling and they fit in almost every room of the house.With simple installation, you will save money on expensive contractors.Polystyrene 3D panels are paintable and can be installed without having to buy or rent expensive tools.If you like, panels can be painted to match your decor using most water-based paints. Use a brush, roller, or air pressure sprayer to paint the panels before or after installing them.Our 3D panels are a versatile, cost-effective and practical interior decoration.After mounting on the wall,panels should be primed and painted.Panels are harder and more resistant to mechanical damage !

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