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3D Quartz Wall Panels Dune Maximize

3D Quartz Wall Panels Dune

-Panel size : 500 x 500 mm
-Material : extruded polystyrene,quartz coating
-Aesthetically pleasing natural and unique appearance
-Easy and quick installation - do it yourself
-Thermal and sound insulation for walls
-The possibility to hide rough spots
-Flexibility and increased resistanceto damage
-Eco-friendly - CFC-free
-Prepared for coating with acrylic or latex paint
-Unique effect

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£ 59.99

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We are pleased to introduce our new collection of 3D decorative wall panels.The unique panels combined with a wide range of possible compositions, will give an original feel to your interior.Use your creativity and you will be truly satisfied with the result of your interior design work.3D decorative wall panels are made of extruded polystyrene plates with decorative quartz coating.The structure of grain size 0.8 to 1.2 mm

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